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Monday, August 8, 2011

Graphic Artist/​Production Artist

Entry Level Graphic Artist/​Production Artist: Recent college graduates with graphic design/​visual communications major or background, for full time graphic artist/​production artist positions.​ Ideal applicants will have some prior hands-on experience through school-sponsored internships or other on-site part-time or freelance roles, or perhaps have already begun their first post-school part or full-time job and are looking to transition elsewhere into a more productive environment.​

Work on a variety of packaging, display and print communications projects for housewares, industrial, service-sector, DIY and misc.​ mass-market/​consumer product clients.​ All Mac environment.​ Candidates must demonstrate an accomplished graduate’s or entry-level proficiency with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign CS5.​ Familiarity with additional software such as MSWord, Excel and Powerpoint useful but easy enough to get acclimated to for accessing resources, content, digital databases, etc.​ Web software expertise is nice, but not really utilized in our daily business.​ Prior exposure in school, freelance or on-the-job roles to packaging or display projects is a definite plus.​  Production artists will work in tandem with other entry level staffmembers, under close supervision of senior staffmembers, as well as independently on various projects of their own, juggling multiple assignments concurrently in order to maintain a smooth workflow in our fast-paced service-driven environment.​ Careful attention to detail is essential for reliably handling continual revisions for work-in-progress.​

The Design Image Group has a long track record of working with interns, recent graduates and entry level graphic artists, providing careful, attentive supervision and training to groom newcomers into highly productive and experienced creatives with solid software and reprographics expertise that they will utilize throughout their career.​ Some stay…well, forever! Some move on to growing roles elsewhere or into other disciplines within our industry.​ But the process has worked exceptionally well for our firm, and for our staff.​

Full-time independent contractor status while we evaluate performance and proficiency through an approximate 90-day period.​ Qualified artists would then be offered, and can transition to, regular full time employee status.​ (In 2010, two entry level recent grads joined us for this full time independent contractor production artist role, then transitioned to full time employee positions, and continue to work here.​.​.​in 2011 two more entry level recent grads joined us in this same capacity.​)

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM hours, with 1 hour lunch (When workflow allows! This is the creative services industry, after all).​ Compensation is based on a 40 hour work week.​ Any additional hours incurred (and overtime will definitely arise) are compensated at normal hourly rate.​ Payroll issued weekly, for that same work week.​ Full-time entry level production artists are currently paid $600.​00 per week ($15.​00 per hour for 40 hour work week).​

Transition to full time employee status typically includes an initial salary increase.​ Full-time employees receive annual salary (weekly payroll), performance/​salary reviews at 6 month intervals for the first 2 years, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick day allotment, and eligibility to participate in health insurance reimbursement coverage (75%​ employer payment/​25%​ employee).​

Interested applicants should send their resume direct to dig@​designimagegroup.​com (no “attention to” is required and please do not contact us to request a specific name -- don't worry, we'll intercept your resume).​ You're strongly encouraged to provide a link or access-info to your online portfolio, if one is available, but PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK.​  Also, PLEASE do not call, stop by in person to drop of a resume, or ground mail a resume -- you may think think this will give you an edge, but actually, it will likely disqualify you from fair consideration.​ We will select suitable applicants for in-person interviews, at which time you'll be expected to bring a portfolio (hard copy, please, not laptop).​

We look forward to hearing from eager, accomplished entry level designers and graphic artists -- the visual communications professionals of tomorrow -- who are ready to train on and master the tools of our profession.​ Learning the intricacies of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, and their applications to real-world packaging, display and print projects, can really only occur 'on the job', not in school.​ For the right applicants, this will be the place and the job to do precisely that!

The Design Image Group is a full service design and visual communications firm working with mid-size to large corporate clients for over 25 years.​ We provide both graphic and structural design for packaging, display/​POS and all forms of print communications.​ We are known in the Chicago area design and creative services community for bringing a much-needed “common sense” approach to the creative development process.​ Clients rely on our firm for an extremely high and personalized service level, which has resulted in numerous long-term client relationships.​

The Design Image Group is located in southwest suburban Burr Ridge, Illinois, right at the I-55 and County Line Road interchange, with convenient access to I-294, I-355 and US Rte.​ 83 for commuting to downtown Chicago and from other areas of the Chicagoland region.​ Sorry, but there is no public transportation available to this immediate area, so a car will be essential.​ Convenient shopping and dining is located nearby in Willowbrook, Darien, Downers Grove, Oakbrook, and now in the newly opened Burr Ridge Village Center directly across the expressway from our offices.​

To learn more about The Design Image Group, please log onto www.​designimagegroup.​com .​
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