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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PT Artist Needed- $50-80/hr-Teach How to Paint

Come teach how to paint for! An art party organization that hosts events and private parties! Organization is launching within next 2 weeks. Make easy money teaching 10-15 people how to paint!

Each event is 3 hours long and each event will be held at different locations in the north chicagoland area(e.g. bars, art gallery, wine cellars, restaurants).

Acrylic Painting Skills
Must have a completed painting (large size, apx 16"-24") that you are able to teach students how to paint in 3 hours.
Must email image of painting and experience before hired.

Looking for:
Art Students
Part-time work, sign up to teach for events as you wish. All supplies for students are provided, you just have to show up with your painting and teaching skills!

$50-$80 an hour (you get $18 per person that attends, typical attendance 10-20 students)

Call Jess 614-519-5104 or
(Roscoe Village/Lincoln Park/ Lakeview)

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